Jack County Youth Fair

Jack County Youth Fair
Jan 10-12, 2008

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The photos in this gallery are from the 2008 Jack County Youth Fair. Click here to view photos of the 2010 Youth Fair. This link will take you to the Mirus Studio Web site.

While viewing the 2008 fair images, please keep in mind that these are proof quality. Monitors vary, but be assured that all of these images are sharp. After an order is received, any necessary corrections will be made.

The youth fair banner (see right) will be added to the top of the portraits.

On some of the portraits, the blue background was not wide enough. This will be fixed before the final print is made. The bedding on the floor will also be touched up.

It may be possible to add text to these photos, such as breed, class, award, etc. Please email me this information after you make your order.

All photo orders come with a 100% money back guarentee.

Click here to view photos. Click here for information about photo ordering options.
Jack County Youth Fair

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